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Essential Coin holds the idea of building a strong Utility Ecosystem that has a focus on continuous, sustainable and steady growth. Our main objective is to offer as much value and utility to our community members as possible.
The ecosystem will be built in a way that will start with the crypto utilities and slowly transition into real life utilities. To do that our goal is to build a blockchain which will be cheaper, more secure, scalable and able to be integrated to the real life use cases in areas like Finance, Medicine, Real Estate, Supply Chain and Logistics, Content Creation and Social Engagement etc. To fulfill such an ambitious plan the project needs financial support, which will come from the revenue generated by the initial utilities. Further along, it is essential that the holders get something in return, so the dividends will be distributed* among the holders of Essential Coin (ESC) biannually, starting from EOY (End of Year) 2022.
*Please click here to check general terms and criteria.