The Core Token

Essential Coin (ESC) - The Native Currency of The Ecosystem
The Essential Coin was launched on Smart Chain as BEP20 token on 15th December 2021 to get started with our ecosystem.
Essential Coin is a deflationary token and utility ecosystem which rewards its holders with reflections (more ESC tokens) and other benefits just by holding it in your wallet.
ESC was developed keeping in mind the long-term investment as the roadmap has the utilities spaced out over a period of time. The ESC project has also launched a set of unique physical coins which come with a NFT, which can be staked on Epoch NFT Marketplace. ESC aims to put its tokens to real life use to keep generating new revenue streams for the holders.

ESC Token Economics

ESC contract address: 0x4c48cca6153Db911002F965D22fdeFcD95f33BE9
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)
Taxes: 15%: 5% Reflections, 4% Auto Liquidity, 3% Buy-Back & Burn, 3% Marketing
Burnt Supply: More than 28%
15% Buy Tax & 15% Sell Tax