The Ecosystem

This is a representation of the initial version of the Essential Coin's Ecosystem. There will be many more utilities added down the road as the project progresses.

Essential Coin

The Essential Coin started its journey as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It is the native currency of the Essential Ecosystem and will carry its legacy onto its own blockchain. Being the center of the ecosystem, it will receive all attention and benefits. One of the major perks of being the holder of The Essential Coin (ESC), you will receive* dividends biannually starting from EOY (End of Year) 2022.
*Please click here to check general terms and criteria.

Epoch NFT Marketplace

An advanced NFT marketplace to give ESC global recognition, Epoch has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain.
Epoch was created to provide a cost-effective to everyone who chooses to utilize NFTs, taking the form of image, video, GIF or even audio. Where most NFT Marketplaces run through Ethereum, making the cost much higher, Epoch is providing access through Binance Smart Chain. This means that users can now mint, sell, buy, auction, trade and stake at a cost that isn’t detrimental to their pockets.
We plan to launch it on multiple blockchains in the future.
Epoch NFT Marketplace is supported by its own hybrid governance token named Epoch Token.

Essential Swap

EssentialSwap is a decentralized exchange by Essential Coin. It will help other tokens to provide liquidity for trading. It will also support staking and farming where users can invest and earn passive income. It's a blockchain-based app that coordinates large-scale trading of crypto assets between many users.
EssentialSwap will be integrated with the Launchpad to provide and lock the liquidity by projects.
The swap is backed by its own governance token, which is also the liquidity token.


The Launchpad will be a complete package in itself. It will have its own pre-built KYC and audit platform. It will be connected with various Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) including the Essential Swap. Through the launchpad we wish to launch legitimate projects minimizing the risk of scams and rug-pulls happening in the crypto space.
The Launchpad will be supported by Essential Coin as its governance token and native currency.

Other Utilities

Apart from these planned utilities there are various other utilities which will be implemented. Essential Coin will be the native currency for all these utilities.
  • Wallet dApp (Mobile application)
  • DEX chart dApp
  • Centralized Exchange
  • Games
  • Metaverse
These utilities do not have any clearly defined path and will be worked on once the planned utilities are out and functioning.